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Acoustic Treatment Products by Universal Acoustics

Universal Acoustics is a market leader in pro-audio acoustic treatments. The Sound Portfolio is delighted to have this brand on board offering the full range of acoustic treatment products, including sound absorption tiles, acoustic diffusers, bass traps, acoustic treatment room kits and sound absorbing foam.

Why does your room need Acoustic treatment?

Before you start to record any music, or use any room or hall for audio activity, it helps a great deal if the area youre using is acoustically correct. Any quality pair of recording studio monitor speakers won’t sound right in an empty, echoey room. This is equally applicable to other scenarios outside of the studio and broadcast environment, for example, the CEO of a corporation who has been invited to speak may not be heard efficiently if the meeting room has poor acoustics. And, if you have a home cinema set-up, you’ll enjoy the movie sound far more if you can hear the full intended mix. Whatever you're application, getting the space you are working in acoustically optimised is really important.

Universal Acoustics offer a range of sound absorption and diffusion products in striking contemporary designs that will efficiently improve the audio integrity and sonic performance of the room.

Acoustic Treatments available through The Sound Portfolio include:

Sound absorption wall and ceiling tiles
Acoustic screens
Acoustic panels
Sound absorbing foam
Acoustic diffusers
Bass traps
Acoustic Treatment Room Kits
Acoustically transparent fabric
Isolation Products
Acoustic foam adhesive

When using Universal Acoustics products for studio recording applications, whichever acoustic treatment room kit is chosen, a dramatic improvement to the audio integrity and sound definition is guaranteed, resulting in an altogether far less fatiguing and more comfortable acoustic environment. Each acoustic treatment system includes an installation guide and the appropriate quantity of a specially formulated adhesive suitable for adhering acoustic foams to most surfaces and supplied in a convenient cartridge for easy application.





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