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If you are having issues achieving good audio through your sound system, it could be that the equipment isn’t up to the job, however, quite often it isn’t the equipment at all, but the actual room that is causing the problem. In some situations, room acoustics can have a greater effect on the final sound than the electronics, so it is important that you take advice on how to acoustically treat your room.

Here are some examples of sound problems and how to overcome them using acoustic treatments:

Issue: Reflections from your loudspeakers add a far greater degree of distortion than would ever be acceptable in the electronics.
Solution: Place some absorption where loudspeakers cause reflections.

Issue: Background noise can make a huge difference to speech intelligibility or musical clarity and yet we are prepared to spend money on “noise reduction"in the electronic components.
Solution: Strategically place absorption and diffusion to reduce the reverberation.

Issue: Reverberation, though often beneficial in a recording, can become just another form of background noise in a presentation listening environment.
Solution: Thoughtfully positioned acoustic materials can diffuse that unwelcome echo effect.

Issue: Room shape and construction can greatly affect the bass response we hear, compromising the expensive loudspeakers we have purchased.
Solution: Well placed bass absorption can even out the bass response.

These sound problems can be greatly improved and often overcome entirely in a room that has been given some acoustic treatment. The beauty of acoustic treatment is that it does not need to be expensive, it just requires some understanding and some thought. Once installed, your conferencing room, home cinema, classroom or hall will have been rapidly transformed to a more relaxed environment offering a much more pleasing experience.

For details on the full range of acoustic treatments available through The Sound Portfolio, please contact Justin on 07841 483880.





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